How to Remove Bypass in KPLC Token Meter: Simple Solutions


Bypassing in KPLC token meters poses significant challenges for both consumers and Kenya Power, leading to revenue loss and potential power outages. Here’s a guide on how to detect and remove bypass in your KPLC token meter:

What Causes Bypass Error in KPLC Token Meters?

  • Physical tampering: Altering the meter’s internal components or connections.
  • External device attachments: Attaching devices to interfere with the meter’s functioning.
  • Software tampering: Illegally adjusting the meter’s firmware or communication module.

How to Detect a Bypass in Your KPLC Meter

  • Bypass error display: Some meters show a ‘Bypass’ error message.
  • Draining of token units: Rapid depletion of token units without a corresponding increase in consumption.

Consequences of Bypassing KPLC Token Meters

  • Loss of revenue for Kenya Power.
  • Power outages due to meter disabling.
  • High token consumption and meter blocking.

How to Remove Bypass in KPLC Token Meter

  1. Power cycle the meter: Disconnect the power source for 30-60 seconds and reconnect.
  2. Check wiring connection: Ensure proper wiring without intertwining.
  3. Request a tamper code: Contact Kenya Power for a reset code.
  4. Visit Kenya Power offices: Seek assistance from Kenya Power’s customer service.

By following these steps, you can effectively remove bypass in your KPLC token meter and ensure accurate electricity billing.

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