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How to Update Kenya Power Token Meter 2024


Kenya Power has rolled out an essential update for millions of Kenyans relying on prepaid meters for their electricity needs. The “Update Token Meter Yako” campaign, launched by Kenya Power’s Managing Director Joseph Siror, mandates all prepaid meter users to update their meters by August 31 to transition to a new system as the current one is set to expire.

Joseph Siror emphasized that this update is crucial for customers to continue purchasing and using electricity tokens. Failure to reset and update the token meters will result in consumers being unable to use newly purchased tokens.

How to Update Your Token Meter

Kenya Power has streamlined the process to ensure it’s straightforward for all users. Prepaid customers will receive two 20-digit codes: a reset code and an update code. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Receive Codes: Prepaid customers will get two codes from Kenya Power.
  2. Enter Reset Code: First, enter the 20-digit reset code into the prepaid meter.
  3. Enter Update Code: Follow with the 20-digit update code.
  4. Successful Update: Once both codes are entered correctly, the meter will accept new electricity tokens.
  5. Unsuccessful Update: If the update is not completed, the meter will not accept new tokens.

Important Points to Note

  • Free Update: The update process is free of charge.
  • Token Usage: Ensure all previously purchased tokens are loaded before starting the update process to avoid losing them.
  • Tariff Unchanged: The update will not affect the electricity tariff you are currently on.
  • Start Date: The update process begins on June 12.
  • Deadline: Ensure your meter is updated by August 31 to avoid service interruption.
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Why This Update is Critical

The transition to the new system is essential for continued access to electricity tokens. This update is part of Kenya Power’s commitment to enhancing service delivery and ensuring seamless transactions for prepaid electricity customers. The update process is simple and designed to be completed quickly, ensuring minimal disruption to service.