How to Join Harambee DT SACCO Online


Harambee DT SACCO Society Ltd was formed and officially registered as a society in 1970 – Registration No. CS/1916

With the will of the people so strong and the desire for growth so big, it is not surprising that Harambee DT SACCO Society ltd continued growing from strength to strength to become a commercially autonomous, democratically controlled and self-reliant business enterprise serving the needs of over 70,000 kenyans through a network of FOSA branches in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Nakuru and Nanyuki.

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  1. You can fill the hardcopy membership form available at any of our FOSA Branches and on our website under the downloads menu.
  2. Attach the requisite documents (Membership Requirements)
  3. Deliver the filled application forms plus the required documents to the SACCO through Post Office, physical delivery at the SACCO Reception desk, Customer Service Points at the FOSA branches, through Harambee Pesa agents, our Business Development Executives (BDEs) or through e-mail (
  4. Pay the set membership fees at the time of application. (Kshs. 1,000). You can pay this amount using our paybill number 525200 with your ID as the account number. You can also deposit the funds at the FOSA or through our Harambee Pesa Agents.
  5. Your membership application form will be verified and registered in the system upon which a membership number is generated and sent to you.


  • Every applicant for membership must also be a member of the sink fund or Loan Protection Program and must therefore be willing to pay Kshs. 300 per month
  • Every member shall be required to pay the prescribed share capital of Kshs. 30,000. A member should not worry about paying share capital as the Society allows members to pay in instalments until they meet their share capital requirement. It’s these shares that give you an ownership stake.
  • A member shall be issued a copy of the By-laws upon request after paying the prescribed fees.
  • The member shall have access to a digital share certificate upon attainment of the requisite shares. (To access your share certitificate go to: www.harambeesacco/
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