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The Nairobi Women’s hospital is one of the best health care providers in the country with 17 years of service. The hospital is a modern health care facility that operates 24 hours.

It has a high capacity and accommodates more than 479 beds. There are at least 1,300 experienced and highly qualified medical personnel who delivers quality services.

Besides, hospital has established other branches in different places including but not limited to;

  • Hurlingham,
  • Ongata-Rongai,
  • Adams,
  • Kitengela,
  • Nauru Hyrax,
  • Nakuru CBD,
  • Meru,
  • Naivasha,
  • Mombasa

Nairobi Womens Hospital Maternity services occurs in two broad categories:

  1. Normal Delivery
  2. Caesarean Delivery
PackageCharges (Ksh)
Normal Delivery PackageKsh. 30,000
Normal Delivery Package Plus Obstetrician and Paediatrician (First Examination)Ksh. 40,000
Caesarean & Obstetrician Delivery PackageKsh. 64,000

Nairobi Womens Hospital Maternity Charges

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