The National Hospital Insurance Funds (NHIF) were established with the primary goal of providing accessible, affordable, long-term, and high-quality health insurance to all Kenyan citizens, regardless of their financial or social status. Furthermore, the NHIF has advanced by offering online services that citizens can access from the comfort of their seats.

Perhaps you are interested in joining the NHIF but are unsure how to apply for NHIF membership. Worry not, I’ve got you covered, as I’ll walk you through the various details you’ll need to know to get your NHIF card activated.

Procedure for NHIF Application

Without further ado, let us get started on the procedure for NHIF card application:

1. Go to the NHIF’s official website on your device.

2. Log in to the NHIF online portal.

3. Choose whether you are employed or self-employed.

4. Fill out the NHIF application form correctly.

5. Upload all the required documents as requested in the application form.

6. Click on the “save” button.

7. Submit your application to complete the process.

An instant message will be sent to you showing your application status. Log out of the NHIF registration portal after successfully receiving an SMS.

Visit the nearest NHIF office near you to collect your NHIF card.

This is the online NHIF card application that will work well for you. You can also use this guide on how to apply for an NHIF number.

Apply by Visiting NHIF Offices

You may as well do the physical application following this procedure:

  1. Visit the nearest NHIF office near you or the Huduma Centre.
  2. Request for an NHIF application form.
  3. Fill in the NHIF application form correctly based on your status. Remember to give honest details about yourself.
  4. Attach all the required documents as requested in the application form.
  5. Return the duly filled form to the NHIF office.
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Wait for a period of time so as to collect your NHIF card in the NHIF office where you made your application.

You have two ways to apply for NHIF, and therefore you are able to judge which one is simpler for you.

NHIF Compliance Certificate

You may also like to know how to apply for an NHIF compliance certificate:

1. Write a letter of request containing details such as name, address, contact numbers, business type, total number of employees, and the NHUF employer number.

2. Attachment of the relevant documents such as bank statements, payrolls, and payment proof of contribution fees.

3. Update your business account as you will not be able to get NHIF compliance certificate if your account in not up to date.

4. After having a duly filled NHIF compliance application form, visit the nearest NHIF office where you will be guided further by the NHIF customer care.

5. Hold on for your NHIF compliance certificate approval which might take a few weeks to be approved.

6. Collect your NHIF compliance certificate from the NHIF office which you were directed by the NHIF customer care.

7. Remember, an NHIF compliance certificate is never applied online, therefore follow the given physical steps.

NHIF Biometric Card

If you are also looking for how to register an NHIF biometric card online, then here is the procedure that you can use:

  1. Log in to the NHIF self-service portal.
  2. Upload the scanned copy of your NHIF card and identity card.
  3. Verification is done and your details are captured.
  4. You will be issued with a registration number once you have successfully registered.
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This is the easiest way to register your NHIF biometric card online. You can as well do the physical application by visiting the NHIF office near you.