NHIF Registration Requirements for Self Employed


NHIF is a statutory deduction that members registered with NHIF have to remit on the due dates. A statutory deduction is a legal requirement where an employer is an agent of the government and is required to deduct money on behalf of the government and remit the deducted money to the government. Examples of statutory deductions that employers are required to deduct from employees include; NHIF, NSSF, KRA Taxes (PAYE, VAT, WHT)

To use NHIF cover individuals have to first register with NHIF. All Kenyans above the age of 18 years are eligible for registration. A person can register with NHIF as either a Self-Employed or as an Employed Member.

Self-Employed Registration.

One can register with NHIF online from NHIF Website or by Visiting the NHIF branch office.

Online Registration can be done from the following website URL https://nhif.kenyaweb.com/~nhiforc/healthinsurance/registeronline/

You will be required to upload a clear photo of the National Identity Card and a Clear passport photo. After submitting the form, the system will generate your NHIF registration number.  

To register as a Self-employed from NHIF offices, the following documents are required:

  1. A copy of ID
  2. A coloured passport-sized photo
  3. A copy of the spouse’s ID if applying for a family cover
  4. Sworn affidavit or marriage certificate if adding a spouse
  5. Copy of birth certificates (or birth notification for children below 6 months) if one is adding children
  6. Coloured passport-sized photo of spouse and children
  7. Ksh 1,500 as payment for the first registration which will cover one for three months. Afterwards, one is required to pay KES 500 monthly to avoid penalties.
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Often most people register as self-employed to get NHIF card when looking for jobs since one requirement for most jobs is an NHIF Card.

After registering one is required to remit Ksh 500 per month by the 9th of every month.