How to Fix Various KPLC CIU Errors


In Kenya’s electric power sector, Kenya Power & Lighting Company (KPLC) plays a pivotal role as the primary distributor of electricity nationwide. With the introduction of prepaid metering systems in 2013 to meet the growing demand for electricity, KPLC aimed to enhance customer satisfaction. However, despite the efficiency intended, certain challenges have emerged, including token delays and hardware-related issues leading to errors in CIU meters. Below, we outline common CIU errors and how to resolve them:

1. KPLC Tokens Not Loading:

  • Ensure your meter is ON and your account is VALID.
  • Confirm you have a sufficient token balance.
  • Ensure your CIU is connected to the same phase and has batteries, plugged into a powered socket.
  • Verify the main switch is functional, then enter the token number and press enter.

2. KPLC CIU PLC Error:

  • Plug in your CIU before the meter and load the token.

3. KPLC CIU Connection Failed Error:

  • Solution 1: Ensure the meter (CIU) is plugged into a powered socket and switched on.
  • Solution 2: Try connecting the CIU at a neighbor’s closest to the meter box.

4. KPLC CIU Connect Error:

  • [Solution not provided]

By addressing these CIU errors with the recommended solutions, you can ensure smooth operation of your KPLC prepaid metering system, minimizing disruptions in your electricity supply.

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