How To Apply Temporary Passport In Kenya


A passport is a crucial document issued by the Directorate of Immigration Services to Kenyan citizens, enabling them to travel abroad. Valid for up to ten years, passports are governed by the Kenyan Citizenship and Immigration Act of 2011. Since September 2017, Kenya has transitioned to issuing e-passports, facilitating digital passport issuance.

For travelers to East African countries like South Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, and Uganda, temporary passports are available. These passports are meant for emergency situations and short-term travel needs within the region.

Application Process for Temporary Passport:

  1. Access E-Citizen Portal:
    • Sign in to the E-Citizen portal or create an account if you don’t have one.
  2. Select Immigration Services:
    • Navigate to the Department of Immigration Services.
  3. Choose Temporary Permits:
    • Under the available options, select temporary permits.
  4. Initiate Application:
    • Click on “Apply Now” to start the application process.
  5. Complete Application Form:
    • Fill in the required details accurately and upload necessary documents.
  6. Make Payment:
    • Choose a payment method and complete the payment for the temporary passport application.
  7. Download and Print Forms:
    • Download and print the completed application forms.
  8. Attach Passport Photo:
    • Affix your passport photo to the designated area on the application form.
  9. Submit Application:
    • Present the completed application form in person to the immigration officer.

Temporary passports cost Ksh 350 and typically take around ten working days for processing. They cannot be renewed since they have a short validity period.

Requirements for Applying for a New Passport:

  • Present yourself for photo and biometric capture.
  • Fill out the E-Citizen passport application form.
  • Provide your expired passport and a photocopy of the last two pages.
  • Submit your original national identity card and a photocopy.
  • Provide three current passport-size photos.
  • Obtain a recommender’s identity card, certified by a lawyer.
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Passport fees vary based on the class and series applied for. Applicants can pay using various methods such as M-Pesa, debit/credit cards, Airtel Money, or through E-Citizen agents.

Upon successful application, passports are available for collection after 30 days. For lost passports, applicants must apply for a replacement, which involves additional requirements such as an affidavit, abstract, and a letter explaining the loss.