How to Tag Someone in Your Instagram Video


Collaboration is at the heart of social media, and Instagram makes it easy for users to tag and invite others to participate in their videos. Whether you’re working on a project with friends or featuring someone in your content, these features allow for seamless connections. Let’s explore the steps to tag and invite someone in your Instagram videos.

How to Tag Someone in Your Instagram Video

Step 1: Open the Instagram App and Navigate to Your Video

Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device and go to the video you want to share. If the video is on your profile, locate it by scrolling through your posts. If it’s a video you’re creating, access it through the Stories camera or IGTV.

Step 2: Tap on the Video to Access Tagging Options

For a post on your profile, tap on the video. Look for the “Tag People” option, usually represented by a person icon, which is typically located either in the caption area or on the video itself. For Stories or IGTV, you may need to use the sticker icon to find the tagging option.

Step 3: Select the Person to Tag

Tap on the “Tag People” option, and then tap on the person in the video you want to tag. Instagram will prompt you to enter their Instagram username. Type the username and select the correct account from the suggestions.

Step 4: Confirm the Tag

After selecting the account, confirm the tag. You can add additional tags if needed. Once confirmed, the tagged person will receive a notification and their username will appear on the video.

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How to Invite Someone to Join Your Instagram Video

Step 1: Start Creating a Live Video or IGTV Video

For live videos, swipe right from your Instagram feed or tap the camera icon on your profile to access the Stories camera. Swipe to the “Live” option and tap “Go Live.” For IGTV, navigate to the IGTV section and select “Create IGTV Video.”

Step 2: Tap on the “Invite” Option

While on a live video or during the creation of an IGTV video, look for the “Invite” option. This is usually represented by an icon with two smiley faces and a plus sign. Tap on it to open the invite options.

Step 3: Select the Person to Invite

You’ll see a list of people who are currently watching your live video or, for IGTV, a list of people you can invite to co-author the video. Tap on the person’s username to send them an invitation.

Step 4: Wait for Acceptance

The person you’ve invited will receive a notification to join your video. They can choose to accept or decline the invitation. If accepted, they will appear in your live video or co-author the IGTV video.

Collaborating on Instagram videos through tagging and inviting brings a new level of engagement to your content. Whether you’re showcasing a joint project or simply having fun with friends, these features enhance the social aspect of the platform. Create, connect, and enjoy the dynamic world of Instagram video collaborations!