How to Change Instagram Privacy Settings


Instagram provides robust privacy settings that allow you to tailor your profile’s visibility and control who can interact with your content. If you’re concerned about online privacy or simply want to customize your Instagram experience, follow this step-by-step guide to change your privacy settings effectively.

1. Open Instagram and Go to Your Profile

Log in to your Instagram account using the mobile app. Once logged in, tap on your profile picture or username at the bottom right to access your profile.

2. Access Privacy Settings

On your profile, locate the three horizontal lines at the top right or bottom right (depending on your device). Tap on these lines to open the menu. From the menu, go to “Settings.”

3. Navigate to Privacy Settings

Within the Settings menu, find and select “Privacy.” This will open a submenu where you can adjust various privacy-related settings.

4. Adjust Account Privacy Settings

a. Private Account:

  • Toggle the switch next to “Private Account” to ON if you want to make your account private. This means only approved followers can see your posts and Stories.

b. Activity Status:

  • Adjust your activity status visibility by toggling the switch next to “Show Activity Status.” Turning this off means others won’t see when you were last active on Instagram.

5. Control Interactions

a. Comments:

  • Choose who can comment on your posts. Options include “Everyone,” “People You Follow,” and “Off.”

b. Likes and Views:

  • Control who can see your likes and views on posts. Choose from “Everyone” or “People You Follow.”
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c. Direct Messages:

  • Customize who can send you direct messages. Options include “Everyone,” “People You Follow,” and “Off.”

6. Tailor Story Settings

a. Story Privacy:

  • Adjust who can reply to your Story by selecting “Everyone,” “People You Follow,” or “Off.”

b. Sharing to Other Apps:

  • Toggle off “Allow Sharing” to prevent others from sharing your Stories as messages.

7. Manage Tags and Mentions

a. Tagging:

  • Decide who can tag you in photos. Options include “Everyone,” “People You Follow,” and “No One.”

b. Mentions:

  • Choose who can mention you in their stories. Options include “Everyone,” “People You Follow,” and “No One.”

8. Review Tagged Posts

Enable “Manually Approve Tags” to review and approve posts you’re tagged in before they appear on your profile.

9. Adjust Account Connections

Manage third-party apps connected to your Instagram account under “Apps and Websites” in the Privacy settings. Remove any apps you no longer use or trust.

10. Confirm Your Settings

After making your desired changes, review your settings to ensure they align with your preferences. Tap “Done” or “Save” to confirm your adjustments.

By following these steps, you can customize your Instagram privacy settings to match your comfort level and ensure a more secure and personalized experience on the platform. Regularly review and update your privacy settings to adapt to your changing preferences.