Muthoot Fincorp Finance Gold Loans App APK Download


Muthoot Fincorp Finance Gold loan app is a fast money lending platform which provides loans against gold and other precious metals in India.

The app helps customers to easily access Muthoot Finance products via mobile phones anywhere and at anytime. 

Muthoot Finance is a trusted online lender which accepts Gold as collateral against loans in India. 

Muthoot gold loan app download

To use the app , you can download muthoot blue gold loan app from Google play store or from Apple app store and start accessing loans.

Muthoot Gold Loans – Interest Rates, Loan Limits

The minimum loan amount is Rs1,500 while the maximum muthoot gold loan is 5 lakh.

Gold loans from muthoot are grouped into six (6) different schemes. Each scheme has its own loan amount, interest rates,EMI and loan repayment tenure.

1. Restart India Pradhan Gold loan 

Minimum loan amount is Rs 5 lakh at an interest rate 11.99% per annum. Loan repayment duration is 6 months.

2. EasyPro Gold loan 

Loan amount ranges from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 499,999 at an interest rate 18% per annum. The loan repayment duration is 9 months.

3. EasyMax Gold loan

Loan amount ranges from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 299,999 given at an interest rate 21% per annum. The repayment duration is 9 months.

4. Super Value Gold loan 

Loan amounts ranges from Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh given at an interest rate 23% per year. Loan repayment tenure is 9 months.

5. Easy Blue Gold loan

Loan amount is up to 1 lakh at an interest rate 18 per annum. Loan repayment duration is 9 months.

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6. Instant Gold loan – India’s first 24/7 Express loan 

The loan is available via SMS to existing customers. It’s like a top up gold loan.

Customer apcan apply for the loan by sending an SMS to 7994999999 

How to apply for Muthoot gold loans

You can apply online via mothoot website as follows; 

  • Visit Muthoot website or muthoot blue app
  • Select ‘Apply Now’
  • Fill in the online form as required 
  • Wait for guidance from muthoot official.

You can also apply offline by visiting a muthoot branch. At the branch you’ll need to provide the following; 

  • Filled in loan application form
  • Gold ornaments
  • Bank Savings account 

After providing the above requirements,you can then go to your online platform either muthoot app or website and calim your gold loan. 

How to Pay Muthoot Finance loans 

Payment is after a maximum of 9 months depending on the gold loan scheme taken. 

What are the payment methods for Muthoot Fincorp Finance Gold Loans? Borrowers can pay via the following methods; Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking and UPI (via Paytm app) .

Muthoot Fincorp Loans and Services

In addition to gold loans, Muthoot Finance also provide the following loan facilities and services; 

  • Auto loans
  • Small business loans
  • Forex 
  •  Home loans
  • Micro finance loans 
  • Money transfer

Muthoot Fincorp Finance customer care contacts

Customer care numbers and email address is; 

1800 102 1616

0471 4911550