M-Pesa GO Junior Account – How to Open and Use


M-Pesa GO is a pruned version of M-Pesa with limited features. Some of the key features that kids will be able to use with a GO account include:

  1. Sending money to other M-Pesa users including GO users.
  2. Receiving money from other M-Pesa users including GO users.
  3. Use Lipa Na M-Pesa services; Paybill and Till payments.
  4. Get to use a custom M-Pesa app specific for GO users.

How To Register and Open an M-Pesa GO Account For Your Kids

To get your kids set up with a Go account you need to do the following. Firstly, if you wish to convert an existing M-Pesa line to become an M-Pesa GO line. This can be a SIM card that is already registered with the parent’s ID.

  • Insert the line you intend to convert into a mobile device.
  • Pay and clear any pending loans from M-Shwari and/or KCB.
  • Opt out of Fuliza, Pochi la Biashara, and Halal Pesa if you are registered with any.
  • Withdraw all savings you may have on the line you wish to convert.
  • Have a clear Image of the birth certificate of the child you would like to register.

Having met the above criteria, you need to follow this link to the Safaricom website to onboard your Kid. You will be presented with the screen below.

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