VGG Connect Coverage, WIFI Packages, Contacts (Vijiji Internet)


VGG Connect is a reliable fibre internet provider offering home and business packages in Nairobi. It provides its customers with access to the internet via VGG’s Fibre high-speed data network. It leverages cloud technology to equip enterprises with cost effective, simple to integrate business tools that rapidly extent their reach.

Why VGG Connect?

Ultra-fast Speeds – Welcome to the faster side of this life

24/7 Customer Support – VGG connect support team will always be with you every step of the way.

Best Pricing – VGG connect is cheap and affordable, possibly the best deal in Kenya.

Multiple device streaming – VGG internet connection supports multiple devices simultaneously. Giving you an advantage of buffer – free intern to meet your varying internet needs.

VGG Connect Coverage

The following areas are currently Vgg Internet covered:

  • Thika
  • Zimmerman
  • Kasarani
  • Kiambu
  • Juja
  • Ruiru

VGG Connect services

VGG offers various services to their customers. Some of the services that they offer include:

  • Installation

If you need an installation service, contact VGG customer care contacts at any time and book an installation. In case you want a connection for a business, one of our customer care representatives will take you through the process. Routers and installations are provided on a lease basis, therefore for the duration of your use of service the router still remains a property of Vijiji Connect Limited. You only pay for the internet services

  • Loss of signal

If your router has a red blinking light this indicates loss of signal. Kindly contact VGG Connect support team to assist in connecting you with a technician to resolve the issue. On the other hand if you are connected but no internet, this could be a payment issue due to subscription expiry, contact customer support to assist in resolving the issues from the system if you have paid and still connected to the internet.

  • Slow speed Solutions
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You could be maxing out the bandwidth on your selected services with many devices online leading to slow speeds. If there are many users using the same connection you can opt to upgrade a higher package to solve the issue. Poor signal. For a poor signal check, kindly contact VGG Connect customer care agents to perform a check for you and offer a solution.

  • Relocation of service

If you are moving to a new house or would like your router to be moved to a different location, contact customer support to assist in this service. If the house you are moving to or neighbourhood is within the Vijiji connect network, kindly give a notice of 1 week prior to your moving date so you can be scheduled for a smooth transition to your new location. Relocation services are billed separately at a rate of Ksh.1, 000.

VGG Connect WIFI Packages and  Pricing

Your billing cycle begins on the day that you pay for your subscription and lasts for 30 days. In case of payment made to the wrong account, forward the confirmation message to our customer support team for billing correction. If payment don’t reflect on your account, forward the confirmation message to VGG customer support team for billing update or use the VGG Connect app and use the forward confirmation option to our team who will credit your payment.

Upgrades – You can effect an upgrade of the end of your billing cycle or at any time by paying the full amount of the desired higher speed package and then notifying our customer care service to effect the upgrade.

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Downgrades – If you would like to switch to a lower priced package you will pay the desired amount and select the package you desire on the app and the service will begin.

VGG Connect Home Packages

Standard 20Mbps Home Fibre InternetKsh.3, 500 per month Fast web browsingSD Movie & music streamingSimultaneous HD streamingMultiple device streamingSuperfast video downloadsSimultaneous gamingCCTV devices capability
Plus 15Mbps Home Fibre InternetKsh.2, 900 per month Fast web browsingHD Movie & music streamingSD TV programmingMultiple device streamingSuperfast video downloadsFrequent Video GamingCCTV devices capability
10Mbps Home Fibre InternetKsh.2300 per month Fast web browsingHD Movie & music streamingCasual Video GamingMultiple device streamingCCTV devices capability

VGG Connect Business Packages

20Mbps Business PlusKsh.14, 000 per month Fast web browsingHD Movie & music streamingSD TV programmingMultiple device streamingSuperfast video downloadsFrequent video gamingCCTV devices capability
10Mbps Business StandardKsh.7, 000 per monthFast web browsingHD Movie & music streamingSD TV programmingMultiple device streamingSuperfast video downloadsFrequent Video GamingCCTV devices capability
5Mbps Business LITEKsh.3, 500 per monthFast web browsingHD Movie & music streamingCasual Video GamingMultiple device streamingDisabled CCTV devices capability

However it is important to note that these are just pre-packaged bandwidths which can be tailored to meet the needs of your specific business and size. For more detailed information you can contact VGG Connect office or customer care lines.

VGG Connect Review

VGG has an average of positive reviews and is highly recommended to anyone who require a stable and consistent internet connection. Some of the positive reviews include:

  • Service is stable and reliable, Unlimited downloads, guaranteed speeds and professional customer service.
  • Good network, reasonable amount of data, great value.
  • It has a very good app to control your account.
  • Good support service by chat.
  • Everything is transparent, clear and aligned with what was presented by the customer service team.
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VGG Connect App

Below is a simple guideline on how to download the VGG Connect app on Android phones from the Google play store.

This App enables customers make payments, upgrade a package, manage a router remotely, and directly communicate with VGG Connect and many more services.

Note that the APK is the same as the application. That is if you are essentially downloading the same product if you choose either APK or App. Follow the simple steps to download the app.

  • Search VGG Connect App on Google Play Store
  • Next, click on install and wait for the process to complete.
  • Otherwise, go to a provider website like
  • Search VGG Connect APK version 1.0.5
  • Now click on install and wait for the complete installation of the app on your mobile phone.
  • However, you need to make sure that third-party applications are allowed on your device.
  • The VGG Connect App symbol or icon will appear on your Android mobile.
  • Now you can launch the KCB mobile app, register, and apply for a loan

VGG Connect Contacts

For further information contact VGG via the following:

  • Location: Stone groove Estate, Mirema Drive off Kamiti Road
  • Email Address:
  • Phone Number: 011 1015 500/ 011 1015 555
  • Operation hours: Mon – Sun 7am – 10pm