How Much is a DNA Test in Kenya | Hospitals That Offer Test

Kenyatta National Hospital
Kenyatta National Hospital

DNA tests are critical in confirming a child’s true, or biological parentage. DNA testing is typically undertaken following a court order. This avoids parents squabbling over whose child is theirs and whose is not. Normally, DNA testing is done by professionals in that discipline. Generally, the specialists are accurate in order to deliver legitimate outcomes.

The procedure is not painful since there are no injections involved. You may like to conduct a DNA test but are unsure of the costs and other details. Let’s get started on the cost of DNA test in Kenya, that is how much it cost to conduct a DNA test in Kenya.

The cost of a DNA test in Kenya ranges from Ksh.10,000 to Ksh.40,000 depending on the hospital and the test conducted.

Cost of DNA test at Kenyatta Hospital

Kenyatta Hospital is among the well-known hospitals for conducting DNA tests. The hospital has good facilities as well as experts in that field. You may be asking yourself how much a DNA test costs in Kenyatta hospital.

The cost of conducting a DNA at Kenyatta Hospital ranges between Ksh.20,000 and Ksh.30,000.DNA testing for father and child only price is Ksh. 20,000 on average. 

DNA Testing Centers in Kenya

Here is a list of hospitals and other centers offering DNA tests in Kenya:

  1. EasyDNA Kenya.
  2. Pathcare Kenya.
  3. Lancet Laboratories Kenya.
  4. KEMRI.
  5. The American Embassy.
  6. Nairobi Hospital.
  7. Kenyatta hospital. 

These are some of the hospitals in Kenya that conduct DNA tests.

Requirements for a DNA Test

For a DNA test to be conducted, the following requirements are needed:

  1. A DNA sample from the possible father.
  2. A DNA sample for the child who is the subject of the question.
  3. A sample from the mother of the child. 
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Ensure you have all these requirements to avoid inconveniences.

Does NHIF cover DNA testing? Well, it is recommended that you have your own cash for you to conduct the test with no difficulties. 

For a fixed budget, it is recommended that you get the cheapest DNA test in Kenya. The cheapest DNA test price in Kenya may cost about Ksh.8,000 depending on the hospital. 

Some effects of DNA testing include psychological stress due to the end results, and the cost is also expensive. 


The cost of conducting a DNA test in Kenya varies depending on various factors, as seen in this article. The test can be done for a number of reasons. Always consult your doctor if you have any questions regarding DNA testing.