NHIF Registration Requirements


Perhaps you are also interested in knowing the requirements for NHIF registration, which include:

1. NHIF application forms.

2. A birth certificate.

3. National identity card.

4. Introduction letter from the employer if you are employed.

5. An alien card is needed if you are a foreigner.

6. Passport-size photos of the applicant and the beneficiaries, if any.

Equip yourself with these documents in order to get your NHIF card with ease.

Cost of NHIF Cover

Are you wondering how much it costs to apply for NHIF cover? NHIF first-time registration fees are always free of charge, but a fee of Ksh. 500 is needed for activation.

You might be interested in knowing how to use the NHIF card in a hospital where you simply dial *155# or download the NHIF app where you will follow the prompts given on using the NHIF card in a hospital.


In the end, NHIF online registration for self-employed has made life easier for Kenyans by reducing tarmacking and thus saving money and time. Furthermore, the NHIF serves all citizens, making it a popular health insurance plan in the country. I wish you the best of luck as you apply for NHIF coverage in Kenya.

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