Being one of the oldest and most established Saccos in the country, Stima Sacco is a favourite for many Kenyans.

Stima Sacco was established about 44 years ago to serve the socio-economic needs of the then East African Power & Lighting Company. Over the years, the Sacco has grown and currently, Stima Sacco membership is open to other members of the public.

Stima Sacco has grown to establish its name as one of the most successful saccos in the country with members benefiting greatly. The process of how to join Stima Sacco is quite easy and straightforward as illustrated in this article.

If you are looking for a genuine and reliable Sacco to join, then Stima Sacco should be on your mind. It offers so many possibilities to its members who get to save and get credit services from it.

If you invest in the shares, you also stand to reap Stima Sacco dividends. Membership is open to any Kenyan, anywhere in the world and that is why you can even get join Stima Sacco online if you are out of the country.

Membership to the Sacco is open to individuals, groups and corporates so you can register in whichever category suits you best. The process is as follows

For individuals:

Step 1: Fill in the membership form. You can find this at their offices or download online.

Step 2: Attach a clear copy of your Kenyan national identity card or a valid Kenyan passport.

Step 3: Attach a recent coloured passport size photo.

How to join Stima Sacco as a group

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The process of registering to Stima Sacco society as a group and corporation are the same in that you will have to fill in the relevant forms and attach the photo and I.Ds.

Other than that you will have to add the following: Minutes of the meeting where the members agreed to join the Sacco.

Attach the constitution of the group. Attach the registration certificate of the group.

Wanandege Sacco products and contacts Attach minutes of the meeting where the board of directors agreed to join the Sacco.

Attach copies of the memorandum of association and articles Attach the registration certificate of the corporation.