Here are the steps to follow to send or transfer money from your Western Union account to another Mpesa account in Kenya;

  1. Go to the Western Union website here:
  2. Register for an account or sign-in to your account if you already have an account.
  3. On the Western Union dashboard, select the “Get Started Now” button.
  4. Before you can transfer money from Western Union to your Mpesa account, you need to select the country.
  5. Choose the recipient country, which in this case, should be Kenya.
  6. For example, if the receiver is in the United States (US), then select the USA as the country.
  7. Next, enter exactly the amount of money you want to withdraw from the Western Union to your Mpesa account.
  8. Please take note of the maximum amount of money you can withdraw from Western Union to the M-Pesa account.
  9. In the next section, you must choose how you want the person to receive the money.
  10. The available options are three (3): Mobile Wallet, Cash Pick-Up, and Bank Account.
  11. If you want to send the Western Union transfer to the recipient’s Mpesa account, then select “Mobile Wallet“.
  12. Choose your preferred mode of payment.
  13. Review the following: transfer fee, Western Union exchange rate, Actual amount to transfer.
  14. Enter your Western Union “Promo Code” if you have one.
  15. When everything is complete, click on the “Continue” tab to send the money from Western Union to Mpesa account.
  16. After the transaction is successful, you will then receive a confirmation message indicating that the money transfer from Western Union to the Mpesa account is successful.
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