Safaricom New Mpesa App; What it is and How to Use


Currently regarded as Kenya’s largest network provider,Safaricom is a company that is never short of innovative ideas and products.

Famed for its numerous revolutionary achievements such as it’s widely used money transfer service commonly known as Mpesa to its collaborative credit facility products such as Mshwari and Fuliza.

Recently, the company launched yet another product set to enhance customer experience to Mpesa.

Simply referred to as Mpesa app in the Playstore, the app provides detailed analytics to common functions such as expenditure, withdrawals, bills and purchases etc THIS AD

Additionally, it also combines all the commonly used Mpesa functions such as sending money, Paybills, withdrawals, Buying airtime and Fuliza into one accessible menu.

The Mpesa app is still in its development stage and not fully released to the public. However, those subscribed to Playstore’s early access program, can download and install the app so as to provide feedback to the developers on how to improve it.

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