4G Capital Loans Limits – How to Apply for Loan


4G Capital loans are designed to uplift small and medium-sized businesses in Kenya. The loan limits typically range from Ksh 2,000 to Ksh 20,000, fostering growth for entrepreneurs. With low-interest rates, the aim is to encourage prompt repayment and facilitate easy access to subsequent loans. The popular UPIA loan from 4G Capital is easily accessible via phone.

How to Apply for 4G Capital Loans: USSD Code and More: Applying for 4G Capital Loans is straightforward through the USSD code *612#. Initial registration is required, and new customers may start with a smaller loan amount, while repeat borrowers can access higher amounts by sending an SMS with the word ‘UPIA’ to 22083. No additional registration is needed for repeat customers.

4G Capital Loans Requirements: Supporting Business Growth: To qualify for 4G Capital Loans, applicants need a valid National ID, Kenyan citizenship, and an active business that has been operational for more than six months.

4G Capital Loan App Download: Unraveling Convenience: Discover if there’s a 4G Capital loan app available for download by reading our dedicated article. Explore the convenience it brings to the application process.

Paying 4G Capital Loans: Simple and Efficient: Repayment of 4G Capital Loans can be done through the M-PESA paybill number 992701, using your ID number as the account number.

4G Capital Loans Reviews: Legitimacy and Customer Satisfaction: Assure yourself of the legitimacy of 4G Capital Loans as a registered and regulated lender in Kenya. Gain insights from positive customer reviews, making it a recommendable choice for borrowers.

4G Capital Customer Care Contacts: Assistance at Your Fingertips: For any queries or assistance, reach out to 4G Capital through the provided phone numbers and email addresses.

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Conclusion: Nurturing Business Growth with 4G Capital: With loan limits tailored for small businesses, 4G Capital Loans play a pivotal role in nurturing business growth in Kenya. Embrace the empowerment offered by 4G Capital and propel your entrepreneurial journey forward.