Jumo Loans Zambia: App Download,Apply for MTN, Airtel Loans


If you’re curious about Jumo Loans in Zambia and their partnerships with MTN and Airtel, this article is your guide to understanding the features, collaborations, and contact details.

Jumo Loans Features: Jumo Loans in Zambia is a versatile loan facility provided in collaboration with major digital technology companies. These include MTN, Airtel, Togo, Telenor, and other lending partners like Letshego, Telenor Microfinance Bank, Absa, Ecobank, and Mansa Bank. Each partnership offers a variety of loan options tailored to the specific lender.

Jumo MTN Loans: Jumo MTN Loans are a result of the partnership between Jumo and MTN. Customers can apply for loans through either MTN or Jumo. Once approved, borrowers can conveniently withdraw the funds from an MTN MOMO Agent.

Jumo Airtel Loans: In collaboration with Airtel Zambia, Jumo Airtel Loans, also known as Na Sova Loans, are available for application through both Jumo and Airtel. To access the loan, customers can visit an Airtel money agent for a seamless withdrawal service.

Jumo Zambia Loans App: As of now, there is no dedicated Jumo Loans app available for download on Google Play or the Apple App Store. However, customers can access Jumo Loans through their respective partnership channels.

Jumo Loans Zambia Contacts: For assistance with Jumo, Airtel, or MTN Loans, individuals can reach out using the following contact details:

  • Email: contact@jumo.world
  • Unfortunately, specific phone numbers for Jumo Airtel and MTN are not provided at the moment.

In conclusion, Jumo Loans in Zambia offer a diverse range of financial solutions through strategic partnerships with leading digital technology companies. Whether through MTN or Airtel, borrowers can explore convenient loan options to meet their financial needs. For further assistance, individuals can use the provided email contact for Jumo Loans.

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