How to Report a Number to Safaricom: A Step-by-Step Guide


Safaricom, one of Kenya’s leading mobile network providers, takes user safety and the responsible use of its services seriously. If you encounter issues with a Safaricom number, such as harassment, spam, or any other misuse, you can report it to Safaricom for investigation. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to report a number to Safaricom:

Step 1: Call Safaricom Customer Care

The quickest way to report a number to Safaricom is by calling their customer care hotline. Dial 100 from your Safaricom mobile number. Follow the voice prompts to speak with a customer care representative.

Step 2: Provide Necessary Details

When you connect with a customer care agent, provide them with the following information:

  • The Safaricom number you want to report.
  • The specific issue you’re facing (e.g., harassment, spam messages, fraudulent activities).
  • Any relevant details or evidence, such as text messages, call records, or timestamps.

Step 3: Request Action

Clearly state what action you’d like Safaricom to take regarding the reported number. For instance, you can request that the number be blocked, investigated, or that Safaricom advises the user about responsible usage.

Step 4: Follow Up

Safaricom’s customer care team will initiate the necessary actions based on your report. They may contact you for additional information if needed. It’s essential to follow up on your report to ensure that appropriate actions have been taken.

Step 5: Utilize Safaricom’s Spam SMS Reporting

If your complaint is related to receiving spam SMS messages, Safaricom provides a convenient way to report spam. Forward the spam message to 333 and Safaricom will take action against the sender.

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Step 6: Use Safaricom’s Online Channels

Safaricom also offers online channels for reporting issues. You can visit their official website or engage with them on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook to report problems.

Step 7: Register a Formal Complaint

If you feel that your issue is not adequately addressed through customer care, consider registering a formal complaint with Safaricom. Visit the nearest Safaricom shop and ask for assistance in filing an official complaint.

Step 8: Consider Legal Action

If you’re facing severe issues such as cyberbullying, threats, or fraud, you may want to consider legal action. Consult with law enforcement agencies or legal professionals for guidance.

Safaricom takes user complaints seriously and strives to ensure a safe and secure experience for its customers. By following these steps and reporting misuse or harassment promptly, you can contribute to a safer digital environment for all Safaricom users.