Qatar Affirms Peace, Security are Crucial for Sustainable Development, Stability and Prosperity


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The State of Qatar affirmed that peace and security are crucial for sustainable development, stability, and prosperity, pointing out that development policies that address the root causes of conflicts and promote social and economic development can contribute significantly to achieving peace, security, and sustainable development.

This came in the statement of the State of Qatar, delivered by HE Permanent Representative of the State of Qatar to the United Nations Sheikha Alya Ahmed bin Saif Al-Thani before the Security Council’s open discussion session on Peace and Security in Africa: The Impact of Development Policies in the Implementation of the Silencing the Guns Initiative.

HE the Permanent Representative of the State of Qatar to the United Nations said that the focus of the State of Qatar, through its bilateral and international partnerships, is on giving priority to achieving inclusive economic growth, reducing poverty and inequality, increasing access to education and health care, capacity building and the resilience of states and societies to resolve conflicts peacefully and prevent the spread of terrorism and violence.

Her Excellency renewed the State of Qatar’s support for the Silencing the Guns initiative, and called on the UN and member states to continue their support for this initiative to achieve its goal by 2030, noting that the implementation of the initiative will contribute effectively to maintaining international peace and security, and achieving prosperity and well-being in the world.

She added that based on the principles and objectives of the foreign policy of the State of Qatar, which adopts preventive diplomacy and mediation in resolving conflicts, through its long-term experience in resolving many regional and international disputes, the State of Qatar sees the feasibility and necessity of focusing and investing in addressing the roots of conflicts, peace-building projects, mediation and dialogue, and ensuring the effective participation of women, youth, and marginalized sectors affected by conflicts and humanitarian crises.

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Her Excellency expressed Qatar’s pride in the high and distinguished level of its advanced strategic relations and partnership with the countries of the African continent at all levels, pointing out that it has become an important strategic partner for many African countries and the African Union (AU) in particular, through its diplomatic efforts and mediation in settling disputes as an honest mediator, and peacemaking and peace building in Africa in accordance with the priorities of the AU initiative related to Silencing the Guns, in addition to the efforts of the UN related to peacemaking, peacekeeping and peace building operations in Africa, in addition to the humanitarian and development efforts of the State of Qatar in Africa to meet the challenges on the continent.

She also expressed the State of Qatar’s welcome for the progress made since the launch of the Silencing the Guns initiative, which has contributed to stopping many conflicts thanks to the efforts of the AU, African governments, and regional and international partners.

HE the Permanent Representative of the State of Qatar to the United Nations called for working together to make the session a landmark occasion in which the international community renews its determination to support the Silencing the Guns initiative in Africa for an Africa free of conflicts and a more secure and peaceful world to achieve the aspirations and hopes of present and future generations.

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