United Arab Emirates (UAE)-Africa Partnerships to be Solidified at Invest in African Energy Dubai Edition


The next leg of the African Energy Chamber’s (http://www.EnergyChamber.org) Invest in African Energy roadshow is drawing near, bringing with it new opportunities for UAE investors and project developers to tap into emerging energy markets in Africa. Taking place on March 30 at the Ritz-Carlton, International Financial Center in Dubai – a trade center within easy reach of major international financial capitals – the edition is set to unlock a new era of economic ties between the Middle East and Africa, propelled by unique networking opportunities and facilitated investment meetings.

Recently, the dynamics between Middle Eastern investors and Africa have shifted dramatically, with UAE energy players in particular moving to establish deeper, longer-term and mutually beneficial commitments with African countries. For UAE stakeholders, Africa offers a wealth of opportunities whereby investing in the continent will advance goals of diversification, energy and food security as well as bilateral trade. As a region heavily dependent on oil and gas, investing in African energy markets will enable the UAE to not only advance its own development agenda but accelerate Africa’s overall socioeconomic progress, driving electrification, infrastructure development and industrialization all on the back of strengthened bilateral ties.

Meanwhile, for Africa, the UAE has long-been an important investment partner, with the country representing the fourth-largest investor into the continent globally. Between January 2016 and July 2021 alone, the UAE invested approximately $1.2 billion into sub-Saharan Africa, and with an agenda to increase these investments multi-fold, the UAE is set to play an increasingly important role in unlocking resource monetization and development in Africa. At a time when Africa is pursuing widespread energy expansion on the back of 125 billion barrels of largely untapped oil reserves, 620 trillion cubic feet of gas and unparalleled renewable energy resources, increased UAE investment across key segments of the African energy sector will help unlock a new era of resource maximization, and by proxy, long-term and sustainable economic growth.

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On the gas front, a critical industry for both Africa and the global energy sector at large, UAE expertise across this field will help advance the continent’s gas agenda, ensuring investments translate into large-scale projects that are highly rewarding, impactful across regional economies and reap tangible benefits for local populations. By leveraging the UAE’s experience as a major oil and gas producer, Africa can unlock the full potential of its burgeoning gas sector with projects such as Mozambique’s three-fold Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) projects; Senegal and Mauritania’s Greater Tortue Ahmeyim LNG development; the Nigeria Floating LNG project; and many more leading the way.

However, the UAE’s role in Africa transcends direct investments, with the Emirates offering the continent the unique opportunity to tap into international markets, and specifically, financial capitals. Having been positioned as a trade center within easy reach of global markets, Dubai is well-connected to both global markets as well as emerging markets seeking investment and capital partners. As such, the Invest in African Energy Dubai edition will leverage this position to strengthen UAE-Africa connections and enable African stakeholders to tap into global financial markets.

“The Invest in African Energy Dubai edition represents a not-to-be missed event. On the back of a series of successful roadshows that preceded it, the Dubai event will focus on the opportunities for UAE investors and project developers in Africa. Africa’s energy sector offers stakeholders a wealth of opportunities covering every segment of the energy value chain, and levering already-strong relations and economic ties established between the UAE and African countries, the Dubai event will create new opportunities for deals and bilateral connections, ensuring UAE stakeholders capitalize on Africa’s energy prospects in a way that is mutually beneficial and on a long-term basis,” states NJ Ayuk, Executive Chairman of the AEC, adding that, “If you are a UAE energy players looking at expanding your presence across the African continent, or an investors looking at reaping high returns on investment in global markets, the Invest in African Energy Dubai edition is the place to be. We look forward to seeing you all in Dubai at the end of this month.”

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The Dubai Invest in African Energy roadshow offers UAE players the chance to connect with a suite of high-level African stakeholders, providing a suitable platform where discussions can commence regarding UAE-Africa relations and new deals to be signed that will advance both the UAE and Africa’s objectives. Representing a form of prelude to the continent’s premier event for the oil and gas sector, African Energy Week (AEW) 2023, the event will kickstart discussions that will translate into tangible deals during the AEW conference. Don’t miss this important event. 

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