The participation of the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum at the 40th International Fair of Khartoum


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Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum, from the 24th to the January 31, 2023 participated in the 40th International Fair of Khartoum (IFK) Exhibition at the Burri-Khartoum Exhibition Ground, Sudan. The Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum has also facilitated the delivery and exhibition of superior Indonesian products from 40 (forty) Indonesian companies, both large-scale companies and SMEs at the 40th IFK.

The Indonesian companies participating in the 40th IFK are engaged in CPO products, alkes, vehicle parts, charcoal briquettes, biscuits, herbal medicines, textile products, handicrafts, building materials, spices, processed foods, shoes, coconut water drinks, grated coconut, and others. In addition to 40 Indonesian companies, Sawabash Foods (a joint venture between Indonesia, Sudan and Saudi Arabia that produces Indomie in Sudan), Marawi Company (distributor of ABC batteries) and Elniema Company (distributor of INCOE batteries) also participated in exhibiting various products they imported from Indonesia.

During the 40th IFK exhibition, the Indonesian stand exhibited various products and new tourist destinations Beyond Bali. Apart from that, the Indonesian stand also offered visitors to try traditional costumes which were enthusiastically welcomed. The Indonesian stand was always busy and packed with visitors who were interested in establishing trade cooperation and expanding economic cooperation with Indonesia, or who wanted to take a tour to Indonesia.

The Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum succeeded in identifying 151 potential buyers who were interested in purchasing and cooperating with CPO, medical equipment, building materials, medicines, spices, herbal medicines, clothing, soap and paper with potential transactions of approx. US$ 30 million. Furthermore, the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum will follow up on this activity through a virtual business meeting between Indonesian and Sudanese business people.

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Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Khartoum, Sudan.