ZedPesa loan app APK download


ZedPesa loan app is a mobile money lending platform which is coming soon to help borrowers access fast and affordable loans via M-PESA.

ZedPesa loans – interest rate,loan limits

Loan limits will be available when the app launches officially in the coming days.

ZedPesa interest will also be known when everything will be ready.

ZedPesa loan app download

The app will most probably be available on Google play store. Borrowers will be able to download ZedPesa loan app and apply for loans.

Some of the other sources of ZedPesa loan app which might be available after release are the online APK hosting websites.

Pay ZedPesa loans

Loan payment terms including repayment duration, paybill number and charges will be available then.

The lender will also show the steps to pay ZedPesa loan.

ZedPesa loan customer care contacts 

All ZedPesa contact details will be shared here once available to the public.

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