Equitel Loans are provide by the most popular commercial bank in Kenya, Equity Bank.

The bank’s customers can borrower up to ksh 3 million instantly from their mobile phones. The loans can be used for any purpose as the customer wishes.

But before one takes an Equitel loan, either from the Equitel SiM Toolkit or within the Eazzy App, he or she must be provided with a loan limit.

The minimum loan  limit is ksh 100 and the maximum loan limit is ksh 3 million for those customers who qualify for loans. But why is it that your loan limit is zero?

Here are the reasons why your Equitel loan limit will be zero;

  • If your Equity Bank Account is less than six months old
  • If your Equity Bank Account is not active 
  • If your Equitel line is less than six months old with no Equity Bank Account connection. 
  • If you’re blacklisted by the CRB
  • If you’ve Equitel pending loans exceeding your Equitel loan limit 
  • If you don’t have an Equity Bank account. 
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