The Indonesian Ambassador Receives Audience for the New Board of DPLN Wahdah Islamiyah Sudan


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Indonesian Ambassador Sunarko on Monday (16/1) received an audience and held a dialogue with Indonesian students who are members of the Sudanese Wahdah Islamiyah Foreign Affairs Board (DPLN-WI) at the Multipurpose Hall of the Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum. Also attending the occasion, the Head of DPLN-WI, Mr. Mar’ie Muhamad and 7 heads of the Sudanese DPLN-WI department.

On this occasion, Ambassador Sunarko conveyed the importance of Indonesian students abroad as a component of the younger generation to continue to be enthusiastic about increasing their scientific capacity and honing their soft skills so that they can make a real contribution to the progress and prosperity of the Indonesian nation.

To the new board of DPLN – WI Sudan, the Ambassador also stressed the importance of continuing to develop and strengthen Wasathiyah (moderate) Islamic understanding to create national unity and harmony, as well as contribute to world peace.

“In the future, DPLN-WI is expected to continue to increase its active role and contribution in promoting moderate Islamic sciences (al-‘ulum as-syar’iyyah) so that Indonesia can become a reference for wasathiyah Islam to the world,” Ambassador Sunarko said.

Mar’ie Muhammad on this occasion appreciated the attention of the Indonesian Ambassador in Khartoum to the Indonesian people in Sudan and introduced the new board of DPLN-WI Sudan and conveyed positive programs to support the quality of human resources and the intellectuality of Indonesian students in Sudan.

The Indonesian Embassy in Khartoum continues to be committed to supporting the progress, active role and positive activities of the Indonesian people in Sudan.

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Distributed by APO Group on behalf of Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Khartoum, Sudan.