Adoption Agencies In Kenya


The adoption agencies in Kenya mission is to support and assist those who wish to adopt children from developing countries or even Kenya. In this article, we have listed the best Possible adoption agencies that you can find

List of The Adoption Agencies in Kenya

Buckner Kenya

It is A Christ-centered organization committed to repairing lives, offering hope, and altering children’s lives via Christ-centered principles. Some of their services include providing vulnerable youngsters in need of a family, hope, and secure and loving homes via foster care and adoption. They have branches in Nairobi, Busia and Kitale.

You can reach them Via:

  • Email:
  • Phone: +254-796-333-444.

Little Angels Networks

Little Angels Network provides care for children aged 1 to 3 who have experienced abuse or abandonment due to HIV and AIDS. TIn addition, the network encourages domestic

You can reach them out via:

  • Nairobi:  +254 786 941 326/729 941 326
  • Kisumu:+254 419 663/731 419 663
  • Mombasa:+254 790 894 669/734 894 669

Kenyan to Kenyan Peace Initiative (KKPI) Adoption Society

 KKPI  is a Kenyan Based agency that Places orphaned and abandoned kids in caring homes where they may grow up to be respectable individuals and contributors to society. You can reach them Via:

  • website:
  • email:
  • Facebook: @KKPIadoption.
  • Twitter: @KKPIadoption.
  • Telephone: +254 725 475 208

New Life Home Trust (NLHT)

The Organization was founded in 1994, and they offer a compassionate Christian response to the tragedy of abandoned and other severely vulnerable newborns. Priority is given to those afflicted or affected by HIV/AIDS. They operate in Four Towns in Kenya, Namely Nairobi, Kisumu, Nyeri and Nakuru. You reach NLHT Via:

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