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The institution releases the fee structure for the entire academic year, payable by self-sponsored, government-sponsored and foreign students.

Members of the institution can access the fees structure by using the following step-by-step guide:

  • Go to the Rift Valley Technical Training Institute website https://rvist.ac.ke
  • Hover on menu bar, and Click on Downloads
  • Scroll down to Application documents and click on fees structure
  • Alternatively click on https://rvist.ac.ke/downloads/ and scroll down to fee structure

Tuition fees can also be changed depending on the annual inflation of finances announced by the Central Bank of Kenya, but prior communication is always made before the beginning of the academic year.

The Council of the Rift Valley Technical Training Institute will always announce if such changes are made to let the students and guardians know.

The following information is usually released to old and incoming students, alongside the fee structure:

  • Banking details
  • Examination fees
  • Registration fees
  • Finance booklet
  • Class fees

Students who wish to clear up their fees should have access to Absa or KCB and pay at the Teller when using a bank account.

Rift Valley Technical Training Institute Hostels

The institute offers accommodation for both old and new students at an affordable cost. Hostels are available for male and female students within walking distance of the lecture halls.

Students who stay in hostels are guaranteed good security, a serene environment, and fully furnished rooms.

Students can apply online for accommodation in the hostels and follow the instructions provided on the website.

Rift Valley Technical Training Institute Online application/rvtti online application

All candidates are advised to go through the courses offered and the fee structure before applying for a position in the institute through the online portal.

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Application forms are released during an intake to allow candidates to fill the forms for consideration.

Candidates are also advised to upload their Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) results to facilitate the application process.

Prospective applicants will get full details of the entire registration process and steps to guide them for easy application.

They can also check their application status since the portal is open 24 hours a day.

Rift Valley Technical Training Institute Website/rvtti website

Rift Valley Technical Training Institute (RTTI) can be accessed online by visiting its official website at www.rtti.ac.ke.

It provides access to various sites to direct studentsstaff members, and guardians further about the institute’s operation.

The website is meant to facilitate the operation and running of various activities without physical interaction with the institute.

You can perform various self-service activities without passing through the administration by using the website.

  • Service charter

This section gives access to the support and contacts of the institution for assistance. It has options for switching between English and Kiswahili versions.

Furthermore, it also allows listening in audio form to support the visually impaired. You can easily access the addresstelephone number, and email to give your opinions and concerns to the designated personnel for assistance.

Additionally, there are some quick links to help you locate specific web pages such as the e-learning portal, blogs/news updates, library, student portal, and gallery.

  • News about student fees

It provides payment options for topping up or clearing the fees. Students and guardians who need information about paying fees can always access this section for further guidance. Still, the contact details are provided in case you need any clarification.

  • Staff portal
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All staff members can log in to their accounts, while new staff members can sign up for a new account.

They can either log in smartly with their fingerprints for security or use their credentials – User ID and password.

  • E-learning portal

Students can access their online lessons via the e-learning portal using their devices. Contacts are available before the Login page to handle any technical issues arising from the e-learning system. Moreover, they can also reset the password in the login section.

  • Student portal

New students can create accounts, and old students log in to their portal to access their academic requirements.

It also provides information about the individual student units and courses being studied. The academic progress is also accessible from this section, as well as other requirements such as the course and examination timetables.

Bottom line

Rift Valley Technical Training Institute is a good learning environment, supported by the technology to enhance education. The affordable fees, good accommodation facilities and easy application on their website further provide a conducive environment for greater academic achievements.