The basic requirements for NSSF registration are: National Identity Card and at least Ksh 200.You also need a passport if you aren’t able to produce a National Identity Card.

Register as a member: Voluntary

If you are in self-employment, all you need is to visit any NSSF Office closest to you with:

Your original National Identity Card (ID Card), Alien Card or Passport and a copy of it

You will then pay a minimum amount of Ksh 200, as an initial contribution to activate your card

NSSF card is an important document every employee must own. The money you pay will be redeemed upon attainment of retirement age.

The good thing is that if you visit NSSF office near you with a passport/ID Card and Ksh 200,it will take less than one day to get the card.

All government employees and anyone who is on payroll is required to have NSSF card.

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