This article lists all of the M-KOPA phones and their prices in Kenya. Continue reading to learn more about each phone and its price.

Most financial service providers require high credit scores and assets to serve as security for loans offered to borrowers.

Unfortunately, many individuals around the globe do not have enough assets to put up as security and their credit rating isn’t as high as lenders expect. Owing to this, their chances of investing and growing financially are cut short.

M-Kopa List of M-Kopa Phones and Prices in Kenya has come to bridge this gab by allowing people from all financial backgrounds to obtain essential products without paying the full amount upfront. All that is required is a deposit and consistency in paying the small daily amounts that will be discussed.

The company founders thought of this idea in 2010, with the aim to incorporate small digital payments in asset financing so that buyers would access solar energy regardless of whether they could pay at once or not.

To date, M-Kopa provides other products apart from solar lighting, such as phonesfridges, and televisions, which are essential for every person’s daily life. Also, interested people can apply for quick loans to cover emergency needs. M-Kopa is located in Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, and Nigeria.

For a better understanding, below is a short review of available M-Kopa phones, and their prices.

M-Kopa Phones, deposit amounts, and daily payments

As hinted above, down-payment is required before taking your M-Kopa phone home. Also, there are flexible periodic payments that will highly determine whether, you are a trustworthy customer or not.

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Note that the deposit amount and small payments vary from phone to phone, seeing that these products are branded differently and have different features.

Below are M-Kopa Phones and Prices in Kenya

IDPhone TypeDeposit (Ksh)Daily Payment (Ksh)Payment (Days)
1.Nokia C12,69935365
2.Nokia C01 Plus3,49940365
3.Nokia 1.43,99950365
4.Nokia 5.45,49985365
5.Nokia C103,29940365
6.Nokia C203,99945365
7.Nokia C304,29955365
8.Nokia G104,99965365
9.Nokia G204,99970365
10.Nokia G214,99970365
11.Nokia G508,999100365
12.Nokia X107,999100365
13.Samsung A023,49955365
14.Samsung AO34,99955365
15.Samsung AO3 Core4,29950365
16.Samsung A03s4,99965365
17.Samsung A124,49970365
18.Samsung A137,49990365
19.Samsung A225,99985365
20.Samsung A238,299100365

Note that the maximum and most common repayment period is 365 days

Samsung A03 Core Features

  • 5000mah battery
  • 32GB memory
  • 2GB Ram
  • Android 11

Samsung A23 Features

  • 5000mah battery
  • 64 GB Memory
  • 4GB RAM
  • Android 12

Samsung A13 Features

  • 5000mah battery
  • 64 GB Memory
  • 4GB memory
  • 50mp camera
  • Android 12

Nokia G21 Features

  • 4000mah battery
  • 64 GB Memory
  • 4GB memory
  • Android 11

Nokia X10 Features

  • 4470mah battery
  • 128 GB Memory
  • 4GB memory
  • Android 11

Nokia G50 Features

  • 5000mah battery
  • 128 GB Memory
  • 4GB Ram
  • Android 11
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