How to Withdraw Money From Mpesa Using Airtel Line


Mpesa services in Kenya have really played a vital role in money transactions. An added advantage of Mpesa is that you can withdraw money using any mobile line without complications.

Airtel Money Kenya acts as a link between Airtel and Safaricom networks when it comes to transactions.If you are looking for how to withdraw money from Mpesa using the Airtel line, then you are at the right place. Here is the procedure that will work well for you:

  1. Visit the nearest Mpesa agent.
  2. Confirm whether the agent has sufficient funds.
  3. Show the message showing the Mpesa voucher number.
  4. Provide your Airtel number.
  5. Give your original identity card.
  6. The Mpesa agent will enter the Mpesa voucher number.
  7. You will both receive a confirmation message showing the transaction that has taken place.
  8. You are given the amount withdrawn.
  9. Signing of the Mpesa logbook so as to keep records.

This is the easiest way to withdraw money from Mpesa using your Airtel line.

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