How to Apply and Get KRA Approaved ETR Machine | Types and How to Use


An Electronic Tax Register (ETR) is used to keep sales records and issue customers with daily receipts. ETR machines are always approved by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) as they mainly store tax-related information.

Do you want to know how to apply for an ETR machine? Then here is the guide that will help you throughout the process.

  1. Have a copy of the scanned KRA pin certificate.
  2. The KRA pin certificate should have a value-added tax obligation.
  3. Fictionalization is done.
  4. Place your order depending on the amount of cash you have.
  5. Delivery of your ETR machine will be done after payments are made.

This is how to apply for an ETR machine in Kenya.

Due to their uniqueness, ETR machines are used in businesses, especially in the following areas: Government offices, schools, petrol stations, wholesale outlets, hotels, warehouses and supermarkets.

ETR Machine

Here are some of the benefits of the ETR machine in Kenya:

  1. It connects your business to the tax person to prevent fraud.
  2. It improves VAT collection.
  3. Records sales.
  4. Prevent tax evasion.

How to Use ETR Machine

You may also be interested in knowing how to use an ETR machine in Kenya.

  1. Turn on the ETR machine by pressing the power button located next to the charging port.
  2. Press the red clerk button.
  3. Press the cash button and key in “0000” as your password.
  4. A display of daily z is seen on the screen of your ETR machine.
  5. Press the cash button to produce your daily receipts.

This is how you get an ETR invoice using your ETR machine.

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Types of ETR Machine in Kenya

  1. Electronic Tax Register.
  2. Electronic Fiscal Printers.
  3. Electronic Signature Device.


The Kenya Revenue Authority is able to get legal tax revenue from businesses using this Electronic Tax Register (ETR) machine. Furthermore, ETR aids in the prevention of fraud in the country, which is an added advantage of having an ETR machine. I wish you the best with your application for an ETR machine in Kenya.