Meridian Hospital Maternity Charges and Services

Meridian Hospital
Meridian Hospital

Meridian Hospital Maternity Charges and Services. Meridian Hospital offers packages like; normal delivery with gynae, normal delivery with midwife and caesarian delivery.

Normal Delivery

Are you expectant? Or are you having someone who is? Then finding the best hospital is difficult? What if I told you that you are at the right place? Meridian hospital gives women a chance to deliver normally. women are able to deliver with the help of midwifes, gynecologists and doctors.The staff ensure that every delivery procedure is well conducted. When you have your baby delivered through Meridian hospital then there is an assurance that the mother and the child survive. The normal delivery service is also offered at a very affordable price. In simple terms anyone can access the service.

Caesarian Delivery

Birth complications is with many people nowadays. At some point its even normal to some people. However, to some it isn’t. this is the reason why the hospital has a caesarian section. In this section women with birth complications are taken for some sort of surgery.

Through the surgery, the baby is delivered in good condition. The c section is run by well trained nurses and highly skilled surgeons. The surgeons ensure that all the surgical procedures are conducted with keenness. The nurses also play a very big role in terms of assistance.

Below is a table showing some maternity services with their respective charges;

Meridian Hospital Maternity ServicesCharges
Normal Delivery (with gynecologists)Ksh. 80,000
Normal Delivery (with midwife)Ksh. 65,000
Caesarian DeliveryKsh. 180,000

Meridian Hospital Maternity Charges

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NHIF Ksh. 2,700 per night.