How to Stop Auto-Renewal on Netflix: Cancel Monthly Payment


Netflix is a monthly subscription-based streaming service and as such, the company deducts funds by way of monthly payments from your stored billing details. Cancelling your membership can become a hassle if you don’t know the exact way to navigate the correct sections of your Netflix account.

How to cancel subscription for Netflix

You can stop the auto-renewal feature on your Netflix account by cancelling your membership. Please note that this will not stop your Netflix from working. You will still be able to watch your favourite movies, web series and TV shows till the time you have paid for the service. You can simply change your Netflix plan if you don’t want to cancel your subscription altogether.

Here’s how you can cancel your Netflix subscription plan on your Android/iOS device or desktop web browser and stop the monthly auto-renewal process:

  1. Open the Netflix app on your Android or iOS device. If you are on PC, then visit the Netflix website with any web browser and log in to your account.
  2. Tap the Profile icon (smiley face) at the top-right corner of the Netflix app or website. If you are using Netflix website on mobile, you will see three parallel lines in the upper left corner.
  3. Now tap on the Account option.
  4. Next click on the ‘Cancel membership’ under Membership & Billing.
  5. Click on ‘Finish Cancellation’ to complete the procedure. Remember: If you re-subscribe again within 10 months, your viewing preferences, profile prompts and details will be restored to your account. Beyond the period of 10 months, all of the data would be wiped out.
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How to stop auto-renewal on Netflix without cancelling subscription

Currently, Netflix does not let you stop the auto-renewal feature of your payment method every month unless you cancel your membership altogether. For this to happen, you would need to remove all your payment methods from your Billing information page.

Netflix does not allow you to do this in certain countries as of today. If you don’t see that option on your screen, it is probably unavailable in your country. The best bet would be to contact Customer Service then.

Netflix can’t remove any specific payment method from your account, but can remove all methods as long as you’re not paying through any gift card or partner card. You can always add a new payment method after removing them before your current billing period ends.