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How to open an Equity diaspora account : Requirements for diaspora account


How to open an Equity diaspora account is one of the common questions asked by a lot of people living abroad. Whether you live outside Kenya, You can be able to open an account with some banks which are based in Kenya.

Equity bank is one of those banks which allow you to open a Diaspora account where you can deposit or withdraw money. Having an Equity diaspora account, you can be able to transfer money to your friend or relative in Kenya at a low cost.

If you are a Kenyan and you live in U.S.A, Uk or maybe Canada, you can simply apply for an Equity diaspora account very easily. All you need to do is to contact the Equity Diaspora services department which deals with account opening. To contact them, you need to write an email using their official email address; abroad@equitybank.co.ke. The department will contact you and guide you on how to open an equity diaspora account.

Types of Equity bank diaspora accounts

If you live abroad, you have two options to choose because equity bank provides two types of diaspora accounts.

  • Diaspora business account
  • Eazzysave diaspora account

For you to open an Equity bank diaspora business account, you need the following documents

  • All the directors must provide KRA pins certificates
  • There must be a memorandum of association among the directors
  • All the directors should provide coloured passport size photos
  • A business tax certificate is a must
  • Also, a business article of association should be provided n/b this is different from a memorandum of association
  • CR1, CR2, CR8, and CR12 should be provided
  • FATCA W-9 form which acts as a waiver for Kenyans abroad
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If you are opening an Eazzysave diaspora account, you don’t need a lot of documents. You only need your identification card. remember this is an individual account.

Benefits and advantages of an equity diaspora account

  1. You can access your account through internet mobile banking
  2. You don’t need to have any money to open this account and no minimum balance is required
  3. Every month you will receive free Electronic bank statements.

The procedure of opening a diaspora bank account

  1. First of all, you need to download the form which is available on Equity online portal
  2. You need to fill in all required information and sign the downloaded document.
  3. make sure you have all the required documents requested, attach them and send them to info@equitybank.co.ke
  4. For the indemnity form, you need to send it through the address below

Diaspora banking, equity Bank Limited

As you can see this is or you need to know on How to open Equity diaspora account: Requirements for diaspora account.