Saida Loan: How to Apply for Loan Online And Get via Mpesa

Saida Loan App
Saida Loan App

Saida is a mobile app that provides unsecured instant loans through mpesa. It is  an alternative of safaricom’s mshwari.

Guideline on how to apply and get Saida Loan via mpesa online

  1. Visit Saida App
  2. Download the Saida app
  3. You will  see some simple  form in the app to fill (your name, mobile number, ID No,  and email) then click create account.
  4. Pick a number from you contact number from your account (Not your number)
  5. You will be notified the amount of loan you can apply
  6. Tick whether on the period you want to repay the loan
  7. Then Request Loan
  8. You will receive your loan via mpesa
  9. You are done!

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