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Timiza Loan: How to Apply and Repay | Timiza Loan Paybill Number


In order to apply for a Barclays Timiza Loan via SMS, dial *848# on your Safaricom line associated with your Barclays Timiza Account and follow the prompts. 

How to apply for Timiza loan through the Timiza mobile application

These are the steps to follow if you wish to apply for a Barclays Timiza Loan through the Barclays Timiza app: 

1. Installing Timiza app on your android phone:

a)  Go to Google play store and search for Timiza

b) Click on the install button

c) Once installed, click on Open

d) Allow the Timiza app to make /manage calls / read messages

e) Enter your Safaricom line, ID number to register

Once done, you will set a pin for logging the app. 

2. Log in to the app using the necessary credentials. You shall see that your loan/credit limit is displayed on the app.

3.  Select ‘My Loans’.

4. Select ‘Request Loan’.

5. Enter the amount you wish to borrow.

6. Select ‘Continue’. 

How to pay your Timiza loan

You can pay the Timiza loan via MPESA business number 300067, account number is the Safaricom phone number.

Or you can simply dial *848# . Enter the pin, select loan option, and select pay loan .

Here is how to pay using the the MPESA business number:

1. Go to MPESA.

2. Select Lipa na MPESA.

3. Select Paybill Option.

4. Enter the Business number as 300067.

5. Enter your Timiza Registered phone number as the account number.

6. Enter your Payment Amount.

7. Enter your MPESA Pin.

8. Confirm the details are correct then press OK.

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