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How To Contact Zash Loan (Formerly KopaKash) App Customer Care

If you're a customer and you need help or a prospective customer and you need more information about this lender, then you need Zash...

How To pay Zash Loan Via Paybill; Zash Loan Paybill Number

Use Paybill number 733555 as follows; Go to your mpesa menu Select lipa na mpesa Select Paybill Enter business 733555 ( this is Zash Paybill number)Account number; enter your mobile...

Zash Loan App – How To Download And Apply For Loans

How To Get Zash Loan To borrow from zash app, first you need to Download zash app form play store and create your profile or account. Once...

Loan Apps That Call Your Phonebook Contact List [2021]

Mobile credit is the new ‘cash cow’ that is attracting a majority of investors owing to its lucrative high return on investments through short-term...