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How to Get CRB Certificate of Clearance

Here is how to Get CRB Certificate of Clearance Dial *433# on your phone (Make sure it’s a Safaricom line)Enter your National ID NumberNext, you’ll...

How to Dispute a Wrong Listing on CRB

This is how to Dispute a Wrong Listing on CRB Contact the CRB which you got the report from creditinfo, Metropol, or Transunion...

How to Clear Your Name From CRB: Remove Name From Blacklist

To clear your name from CRB, follow the steps below How to clear your name from CRB blacklist Check your CRB status through creditInfo, Metropol, or Transunion.Take note of...

How To Check CRB Status; Quick and Easy

How can I check if am blacklisted? Am I in CRB? Who listed me ?This is what most of my blog readers ask.I had...

How to get Your CRB Clearance Certificate; Fast and Easy

A Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) is a company that keeps track of your credit rating so that potential lenders (Banks, Sacco’s, Microfinance firms, etc.) can assess...

How To Get Cleared From CRB Kenya; Fast and Easy

Getting blacklisted by CRB is a borrower’s worst nightmare as it usually dents any future prospects of loan advancements. Likewise, prolonged stay at the CRB...