How to do Late Registration of Birth of Children in Kenya

Huduma Centre
Huduma Centre

Late registration of births is highly discouraged. However, if not registered, you are required to fill and submit registration form in person at a Civil Registration Department offices near you.

The applicant will be vetted first for the registration to be effected.

Requirements to get this service include the following;

  1. Clinic card/ antenatal card/birth notification
  2. Religious Certificate
  3. ID’s for both parents/Death Certificate if parents are deceased
  4. School leaving certificates/ letter from school
  5. ID cards for adult applicants (over 18years)
  6. Any other document as may be requested by the registrar

Persons who qualify for this service include:

  1. Parents/ guardians of a newly born baby
  2. Rescue centers/ children’s homes taking charge of the child
  3. Individual adults themselves
    Cost: Kshs. 90 or Kshs. 130 (Depends on assessment)nt)
    Timelines: 10 days

For more information call Huduma Contact Centre: +254 (020) 6900020

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