n an exclusive interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Kenyan President-elect William Ruto discussed the Supreme Court ruling which secured his election victory and also revealed that outgoing President Kenyatta has yet to congratulate him as the country approaches a transition of power.

Ruto spoke about the campaign, and the largely peaceful election process, “I think it speaks to the heart of the maturity of the democracy of our country. No citizen, no leader wants their country to be famous for violence. As the people of Kenya, we have raised the standard.”

Despite working alongside President Kenyatta as his Deputy, Kenyatta supported Ruto’s opponent Raila Odinga in the presidential election. Ruto told Amanpour he did not hold this against Kenyatta, but shared that the outgoing president has yet to congratulate him on his victory, “Unfortunately, President Kenyatta has not seen it fit to congratulate me, but I think that’s fine.”

Ruto said that he will work to unify the country following his narrow election win, as well as playing an active role in solving East Africa’s security and humanitarian issues.

The President-elect went on to discuss food shortages and the impact of the Russian war in Ukraine on grain exports. He also spoke about how his election victory can inspire other, “With winning this election, the child of every Kenyan can know that they can live their dreams and actualise their dreams irrespective of whatever background they come from.”

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