This is a list of domestic airline companies in Kenya. The need for domestic flights in Kenya has risen over the past few years. This comes as a result of Kenyans wanting more in terms of efficiency and comfort every time they travel. 

Kenya Airways
Kenya Airways is the biggest airline company in Kenya having both domestic and international travel packages and routes. Below is a list of domestic destinations you can get with Kenya Airways and their charges.

 Destination Fare Charges Type
 Nairobi – Kisumu  From 13,415  Round trip 
 Nairobi – Mombasa  From 13,415  Round trip 
 Nairobi – Malindi  From 10,190  Round trip 

Book online through the Kenya Airways website or contact them through +254-20-3274747 or email

Jambojet is a low-cost subsidiary of the national carrier, Kenya Airways and has received so much attention from Kenyans since its inception in 2014. It has several destinations across the country including Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret, Malindi, and Ukunda. Below are fares charged by Jambojet for different domestic destinations.

 Destination Fare Charges Type
 Nairobi – Mombasa  From 3,700   One Way 
 Nairobi – Kisumu  From 3,700  One Way 
 Nairobi – Eldoret  From 4,200  One Way 
 Nairobi – Malindi  From 4,700  One Way 
 Nairobi – Ukunda  From 5,700  One Way 

Check out their website for more information or contact: +254 711 024 545, +254 734 104 545.

Fly540 is East Africa’s premier low-cost airline offering low fares on scheduled flights all year round to destinations within Kenya, South Sudan and Zanzibar.Fly540 took to the skies in November 2006. and flies to Eldoret, Kisumu, Lamu, Lodwar, Malindi, Mombasa and across the border to Juba and Zanzibar. Destinations and fare charges are as follows:

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 Destination Fare Charges Type
 Nairobi – Mombasa  From 5,540   One Way 
 Nairobi – Kisumu  From 4,540  One Way 
 Nairobi – Eldoret  From 4,540  One Way 
 Nairobi – Malindi  From 5270  One Way 
 Nairobi – Lamu  From 7,040  One Way 
 Nairobi – Lodwar  From 7,270  One Way 

For more information and bookings visit their website or Call: +254 020 366 3060

 Destination Fare Charges Type
 Nairobi – Amboseli  From 18,000   One Way 
 Nairobi – Kisumu  From 5,700  One Way 
 Nairobi – Kitale  From 6,000  One Way 
 Nairobi – Ukunda /Diani  From 5,000  One Way 
 Nairobi – Lamu  From 5,000  One Way 
 Nairobi – Mombasa  From 5,000  One Way 
 Nairobi – Lodwar  From 6,000  One Way 
 Nairobi – Mara  From 18,000  One Way 

For bookings,
Contact: Mobile : +254 0730 888 000, +254 20 6690 000

Skyward Express
Skyward Express was established in 2013 by a group of local pilots and investors. Skyward Express operates its passenger services from Wilson Airport, Nairobi and cargo from Jomo Kenyatta International airport. Their services include Scheduled Passenger, Commercial Cargo, Private Charter, ACMI Lease, Humanitarian and Relief Services and Evacuations. Their fare rates are shown below.

 Destination Fare Charges Type
 Nairobi – Eldoret  From 6,000   One Way 
 Nairobi – Lamu  From 6,900  One Way 
 Nairobi – Lodwar  From 7,500  One Way 
 Nairobi – Mombasa  From 5,000  One Way 
 Nairobi – Ukunda  From 4,500  One Way 
 Nairobi – Malindi  From 5,000  One Way 

Check out their website or call 0709 786 000 for booking.

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Air Kenya
From its hub at Wilson, Airport Airkenya operates both scheduled and charter flights across the region. Airkenya flies into Kenya’s best-known game reserves namely the Masai Mara, Amboseli, Nanyuki, Meru, Samburu, Loisaba
and Lewa Downs.AirKenya charges the following fares to its different destinations.
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Visit their website for bookings or contact
Reservations Tel. 254 20 391 6000
Admin Tel. 254 20 392 5000
Mobile Tel. 254 (0) 721 415346
Email:, formerly Fly-SAX is Kenya’s premier safari and private the charter airline based in Nairobi. The company operate from Jomo Kenyatta International and Wilson Airports, with daily scheduled flights to the best safari and beach destinations in and around Kenya. The airline connects the region’s most beautiful and awe-inspiring locations. Here is what charges are fare to the following different destinations.

 Destination Fare Charges Type
 Nairobi – Diani  From 5,450   One Way 
 Nairobi – Eldoret   From 4,950  One Way 
 Nairobi – Homabay  From 6,450  One Way 
 Nairobi – Kitale  From 5,950  One Way 
 Nairobi – Lamu  From 6,450  One Way 
 Nairobi – Lokichogio   From 9,950  One Way 
 Nairobi – Malindi  From 5,450 One Way
 Nairobi – Mara  From 15,950 One Way
 Nairobi – Wajir  From 5,950 One Way
 Nairobi – Mombasa  From 5,000 One Way

Book your flight through their website  or
Tel: +254 (0) 725 305 305

Bluesky Aviation

Contact: +254-733-601753 / +254-723-206929

Jetways Airlines

This is another Kenyan airline that is based at Wilson Airport. Their main destinations are Maasai Mara and Wajir. They charge as low as 150 USD for a one-way flight from Nairobi Maasai Mara.

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Contact: +254 741 800 003 /

Renegade Air

The low-cost airline has been in operation since 2012. They operate daily flights from Wilson Airport to Wajir and Kisumu.

Contacts: +254 725 000 555,