If you are experiencing KPLC token delays, you can report the issue to KPLC hotline numbers /customer service numbers. Here are the numbers to call or SMS:

Emergency Number:95551

KPLC emergency Number:0703 070 707

KPLC Emergency Number: 0732 170 170

If you don’t get a quick response through these numbers, another strategy to use is, send a message to KPLC Facebook page. Customers confirm that when you comment or send a message on KPLC Facebook page,the response is prompt.

But the best method is to use the Twitter channel to communicate. Follow KPLC Twitter account and Tweet them.

Before you do what we have stated above, please make sure you use KPKC prepaid paybill number 888880 to buy the tokens. Nowadays there are many scammers online who pretend to be selling electricity tokens.

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