Tunzi Loan App: How To Register And Qualify For Tunzi Loans

Tunzi Loan App
Tunzi Loan App

To download the Tunzi Capital app, you need to visit the website. Remember the Ksh. 400 needed to access Tunzi capital credit services? That money is meant to cater for registration and CRB fees.

Tunzi loan services can be accessed using USSD, dial  *483*011#

The Tunzi Capital loan app is not supported and is unavailable on Google Play Store and  Apple stores. 

Eligibility and requirements to get a loan from Tunzi.

Tunzi Capital uses your answers to the loan application questionnaire as one component of determining your creditworthiness and debt capacity. Also, by using the data on your phone, including your information to verify your identity and create a credit score.

Fraud works both ways. The same way users are hesitant and worried about the credibility of loaning apps accessing their data, is the same way loan companies are cautious of lending money haphazardly. Hence they need to verify that the person on the other side of the screen is a genuine borrower. 

How can you get a loan from Tunzi?

Your answer for how to get a loan from Tunzi Capital. You will need to:

  1. Download the Tunzi Capital app from the website.
  2. Create an account and fill in the questionnaire.
  3. Your credit limit will be decided after, and you can apply for a loan within your awarded loan credit.
  4. Once approved, cash will be deposited to your Mpesa account within 5 minutes.

The standard requirements to use the loan services for Tunzi are:-

  • Your National ID.
  • Safaricom and Mpesa registered line.
  • Be of 20+ years and above.
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