Here is a precise guide for Coptic hospital contacts, maternity charges, gynaenacologist, NHIF, private insurance companies, hospital location, and many more.

Maternity ServicesCharges (Ksh)
Normal Delivery -One night ward bedApproximately Ksh. 50,000
Normal delivery DepositApproximately Ksh 35,000
Induction OF Labour and/or Perineal tear StitchingApproximately Ksh 5,000
Caesarian Section-two-night ward bed (GYN and anesthetist charges)Approximately Ksh 130,000
Elective Caesarian / EmergencyApproximately Ksh. 80,000
Pediatrician/ Anti D/ KIWI Delivery without pain (Epidural)Approximately Ksh. 16,500
Private Delivery 
Normal Delivery= GYN and one routine pediatrician visitApproximately Ksh. 75,000

Coptic Hospital Maternity Charges

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