The hospital maternity unit is highly specialized to handle diverse delivery issues. The following are Avenue Hospital maternity fees for Parklands branch. 

Avenue Hospital Parklands Maternity PackageCharges Per Visit
Maternity Booking DepositKsh. 5,000
 Normal Delivery Package
It includes: 3 day stay, dressing and drugs
Ksh. 30,000
ABC Maternity PackageKsh. 130,000
Midwife Delivery PackageKsh. 40,000
Exra Days for MotherKsh. 5,500
Extra Days for BabyKsh. 2,800
Incubator Charges Per DayKsh. 7,500
Replacement of Birth Notification FormKsh. 4,00

Avenue Hospital Parklands Maternity Charges

Note that dressing, drugs, laboratory and radiology services are charged as used.

Does Avenue Hospital Accept NHIF for Maternity?

Yes. Both inpatient and outpatient services can be paid with NHIF.

Avenue Hospital Parklands Hospital NHIF Code is 8000138

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