Top 5 Affordable Medical Insurance Covers in Kenya


Your health is your greatest wealth. Having a medical insurance cover is one of the most freeing feelings in the world.

But did you know that you can have a medical cover without breaking the bank? Below we have compiled a list of the most affordable medical covers available in Kenya today.

1. National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF)

NHIF has become a household name in the country. It is a medical scheme mandated and operated by the government.

It has over 7.3 million principal contributors making it the largest medical insurance scheme in the country. It is open to all members of the public whether they’re in the formal or informal sector with no limitations for pre-existing medical conditions and age.

You can start using the cover 60 days after registration.

NHIF Medical Insurance Rates

For those in the informal sector (self-employed) the premium rates for the cover are Ksh500/month where it covers the principal contributor and all their dependents. In the formal sector (civil servants) the premium rates range from Ksh150 –Ksh1700/month depending on their individual job groups.

NHIF Medical Benefits

NHIF card is accepted in all public health facilities and in accredited private hospitals which the member chooses.  It covers both inpatient and outpatient.

The benefits include Maternity, Radiology, Chemotherapy, Diagnostic Laboratory Services, Renal dialysis, Nursing care, daily hospital charges, Management of chronic ailments, Referral for specialized services and dispensing of prescribed drugs just to name a few. Overall NHIF is a great medical scheme considering it is low cost with a lot of benefits.

2. BRITAM Afya Tele Medical Insurance Cover

Afya Tele is a group medical insurance by BRITAM which has an inbuilt funeral benefit. This policy is available to registered groups within SMEs, Microfinance institutions, Sacco’s, chama’s and Self-Help Groups with a minimum of 10 principal members. Members must be aged 65 years and below for eligibility to join.

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Afya Tele Premium Rates

The rates for an individual with a limit of up to KSh300,000 inpatient and 50,000 outpatients are KSh16,000 per annum.

Afya Tele Benefits

For inpatient, it covers resident doctor’s charges, nursing fees, bed charges, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology charges and a lot more as long as it does not exceed an individual’s limit.

For outpatient it covers Consultation fees, Laboratory charges Radiology, Pharmacy, Daycare procedures, Physiotherapy and Dental/ optical treatments within the limit.

The cover also includes a ksh50,000 funeral benefit.

3. UAP Afya County Medical Insurance

The Afya Imara County plan is a scheme by UAP that grants you & your family access to quality and affordable healthcare from county hospitals across the country. It is open to individuals aged 65 years and below.

UAP Afya County premium rates

For an adult age 35 years taking an inpatient limit of KSh1 million and an outpatient of KSh50,000 the cost is KSh20,504 per annum.

UAP Afya County Benefits

It covers both inpatient and outpatient services with benefits including but not limited to maternity, dental& optical, pharmacy, radiology, surgeries and chronic ailments are covered after a waiting period of one year.

4. Avenue Health Medical Insurance

This is a health insurance scheme by Avenue Healthcare. Members can access treatment in any Avenue Healthcare facility countrywide. They have over 20 facilities all over the country. The cover is only available for groups and not for individuals or families.

The premium rates for an adult 35 years of age covering Unlimited Outpatient visits and Ksh1 million inpatient are KSh27,000 per annum.

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The scheme covers a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services as long as it does not exceed your limit.

5. APA Afya Nafuu

APA Afya Nafuu is a medical cover for individuals and families not exceeding 80 years of age from APA Insurance Kenya. It is an affordable medical plan where members can access quality healthcare in all facilities excluding high-end private facilities.

The premium rates for an adult of 35 years taking an inpatient limit of Ksh1million and outpatient of Ksh50,000 are KSh29,200 per annum.

It covers outpatient and inpatient costs of accidents, maternity, dental and optical, ICU and HDU just to name a few. It also has funeral expenses benefits.