How to check your CRB status on Creditinfo CRB:

To check your CRB status, you will need to fill in the credit report request which you can find here. To check your status through Creditinfo CRB you can only use an email address or fill in the form online on their website.

Consumer solutions that are offered by creditinfo CRB.

Creditinfo is a bureau service provider an offers these services to their Kenyan customers

Credit report:

Creditinfo CRB offers you a free credit report once every 12 months. Requesting it again within the same 12 month period, you will be charged.

Monitoring services:

Want to stay in the know about your CRB status? Then Creditinfo Monitoring is the service for you.

This is a service offered by the bureau and it’s called Creditinfo Monitoring. It allows you to keep up to date with changes to your credit history.

How does this work? It monitors any changes that occur to your credit report and sends an alert to your email address. These are changes that are reported to creditinfo CRB by financial institutions i.e. banks, loan apps, etc.

What type of alerts do you get with this service?

  • A new inquiry has been on your portfolio
  • When a new negative status has been reported
  • New installment contract has been reported
  • Change of surname, registered name, or contact information.
  • A contract has been closed negatively.
  • Any other changes or updates to your information.

Clearance Certificate:

A clearance certificate is a certificate that is issued by Creditinfo to verify that you have not been negatively listed on CRB. This means that you have honored all your loan obligations to lenders and are consistently paying your debts without missing out.

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Creditinfo issues clearance certificate upon request. Clearance certificates are normally requested by:

  • Financial Institution
  • Job Application.
  • Tender Process

Note: If you do not have a negative listing on your credit report, you will get a clearance certificate. However, if you have a negative listing on your credit report, you will be issued a credit status certificate.

Credit score and credit rating:

A credit score is offered by creditinfo to help businesses assess the credit risk of a customer and the probability of default. It is expressed in the form of a number that ranges from 250 to 900.

Dispute resolution on creditinfo.

If you receive your CRB results and find it not to be accurate, you can dispute it. This is done by filling in a filed dispute that you can find by clicking here.