Requirements to open a Chipper Cash account

In order to open an account with Chipper Cash, you will also need the requirements listed below;

  • A valid email address.
  • Registered phone number.
  • Valid National ID/Passport.
  • Selfie
  • Smartphone

After knowing the requirements, the next step is to create your Chipper Cash account.

How to Create a Chipper Cash Account in Uganda

1. Download and install the Chipper Cash app on your device. The app is available on Play Store for Androids and App Store for IOS.

2. Tap on “Open free Account.

How to Create a Chipper Cash Account

3. You can register your Chipper account via email or using your phone number.

4. Enter the email address or phone number and press Next. Remember by opening an account, you accept the terms and conditions.

How to Create a Chipper Cash Account

5. Key in the 6-digit code sent to the registered email address or phone number.

How to Create a Chipper Cash Account

6. Select a reason for your primary purpose for using Chipper Cash.

7. Enter your legal first and last name.

8. Select your Birthdate and click “Next.”

9. Choose a @ChipperTag. The Chipper Cash tag is a unique name for getting paid by anyone ( username).

10. Enter your location or living address.

11. Select the telecom provider associated with the phone number that you registered with.

13. Create a unique 4-digit pin. Please remember the pin for it will be used to keep your account secure.

How to Create a Chipper Cash Account

14. You can add a fingerprint to protect your information and sign in faster with Touch ID.

How to Create a Chipper Cash Account

15. Congratulations, you have created an account with Chipper Cash App.

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How to Verify Chipper Cash Account

1. Go to the Chipper Cash app and enter the 4-digit pin.

2. Click on the profile icon at the top right corner.

3. Scroll down to and click on “Get Verified.”

How to Verify Chipper Cash

4. To proceed, Chipper Cash must collect additional information to comply with local regulations, click on “Verify My Account.”

How to Verify Chipper Cash

5. You will need to take a selfie so that Chipper Cash can verify your identity. Allow Chipper Cash to access your Camera so you can take a selfie. Once the camera has launched, frame your face in the oval, press I am ready and get closer.

How to Verify Chipper Cash

6. Once you have uploaded a selfie, select the document type that you want to register with (Passport/National ID). Now, take a picture of both the front and back views of the picture.

How to Verify Chipper Cash

7. After both images have been uploaded, you will receive a confirmatory pop-up thanking you for your Submission. You will receive a message when the account info has been reviewed.